WoW Playoff Dabbleboard, Thursday, October 2nd

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Hey kids, we've got a treat for you. We're all going to collaborate on a piece of art each day throughout the playoffs. We're using a program called Dabbleboard and it's about as sophisticated as drawing on your arm with a Sharpie, but it's still rad. Check out today's Dabbleboard and add your own personal touch!

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This is either the worst idea ever or the worst idea ever.

Or both.

But I just think Rob is jealous CTC beat him to it.

Mind your P's and Q's, sir, I was the one who 'discovered' the dabble board.

I was all excited, this is lame. It's like when your mom tells you it's time for a treat and she gives you apple wedges instead of ice cream

Ok, jealous that CTC posted about it here first. Better?

Okay, so it just updates automatically? Do we save it?

For a minute, I saw Rob on there.

For a minute, I saw Rob on there.

... lag, sorry about that.

I definitely have a migraine now. THANKS!

WE're gonna use this to liveglog one of the World Series games.

fuck this, I'm just going to graffiti the bathroom stalls at work.

If I've learned anything in this life, it's that there are scant few situations that are not made funnier with the inclusion of Chico Debarge.

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