Yankees, Cowboys & Goldman Sachs Pick You Up By Feet, Shake Money Out Of Pockets

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The Yankees and Cowboys have a bunch of things in common. Both have won handfuls of titles. Both have fat fans. Both have cartoonish maniacal owners. And now they're partnering with Goldman Sachs (who I've never heard of but I guess are some sort of start up or non-profit) to create a new concessions company.

The New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys have partnered to create Legends Hospitality Management. The two powerhouse franchises recently borrowed $100 million according to Kaplan and Muret of the Sports Business Journal. The company "is based out of Newark, N.J. and counts private equity firms Goldman Sachs and CIC Partners as investors. The Yankees and Cowboys will each own a third, with Goldman owning most of the remainder," according to the SBJ.

That is some deep fried power brokering right there. The Yanks and The Boys are both opening $1+ Billion stadiums next year and figured it would be good to keep every single penny in house. Have you ever dreamed of working for Jerry Jones or the Steinbrenners? No longer do you need to be a premier athlete. Now you can just be a high schooler or immigrant willing to work in dangerous conditions for minimum wage!

Another factor in the partnership appears to be Dallas' proximity to Tyler, TX, home of Tyler Chicken. That company provides all of Yankee Stadium's chicken products including some sort of fermented chicken drink.

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In a cross-promotional deal, Giambi and Pac-Man Jones will trade their individual caches of illegal drugs for one day. Good news for both: It's all cocaine!

Tyler, TX is also the home of Earl Campbell, who will be frying 4% of the concessions at both stadiums.

Tyler, TX is also the namesake of Tyler Perry, who will be producing the upcoming 2008 DVDs of the Cowboys and Yankees.

FINALLY! I've been dying to purchase a cap that is half Yankees logo half Cowboys logo.

Well at least it works out for LeBron.

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