Yes Werth Can: Barack Obama Changes Allegiances

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The gregarious gentleman of the baseballblogosphere Kevin Kaduk takes a brief turn into the political sphere by posting this video of Barack Obama letting his White Sox hat fall to the side in favor of a decidedly more Eastern Seaboard-y team still alive in the playoffs:

Kudos to Barack for prefacing his new declaration for his Phillies fandom with a boo-inducing statement that yes, he is a White Sox fan. See, Rudy? That's how politicians gracefully switch allegiances: always to a team in a different league and never to your favorite team's goddamn rival. Also, next time you run for president, try to run your primary campaign in states besides Florida.

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Bob Barr's favorite team is the Long Island Ducks

Pat Buchanan's least favorite team is the Washington Nationals, because they came from Canada. INTERLOPERS!

Sure, but could Obama pack all of the squeegee men onto busses and send them somewhere else?

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