Your Philadelphia Crime, Rioting, and Car Flipping Update

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Here's what happened in Philadelphia while you were snuggled in bed with your pajama pants and teddy bear:

  • A Phillies fan robbed a bank in a quest to get some cold hard cash to pay for Phillies playoff gear at a Modells store. No telling whether he posed with a Red Sox hat and a Youuuuuuk sign before he left.

  • A drunk driver slammed into a police cruiser in Center City, sending two police officers to the hospital with neck and back ouchies. What's up, Officer Creampuffs?

  • The fire department extinguished a dumpster fire outside a Starbucks. Mistakenly, of course, because the Phillies fans were just roasting some Italian beans for the morning commute.

  • According to, "Windows were smashed at a bank and luggage store in the downtown shopping district. At least two cars were overturned, the windows of a TV van were smashed, dozens of huge streetside planters were flipped over and some bus shelters were damaged or destroyed," but police still have no total number of arrests made. Here's a hint: you'll need three digits.

  • And if you parked your car on Broad Street last night, you got what you deserved:

I'll call my sister later this morning to see how the Art Museum neighborhood held up last night.

Picture stolen from my boss, A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin

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Soooo, if you're really going to a cooking blog in the offseason I have a name suggestion: Bakeoff baked.

Should people have done any of this nonsense? Absolutely not.

But for a city of questionable national repute such as Philadelphia, which has waited 25 years for a championship and endured countless heartbreaks along the way, a smattering of smashed windows and overturned cars isn't a worst-case scenario. I haven't heard any reports of actual injuries or assault, which is a big plus.

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