Award Season: The National League Gold Glovers

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Hey, the National League Gold Glove Award winners have just been announced!

  • Yadier Molina, STL, C
  • Adrian Gonzalez, SDP, 1B
  • Brandon Phillips, CIN, 2B
  • Jimmy Rollins, PHI, SS
  • David Wright, NYM, 3B
  • Shane Victorino, PHI, OF
  • Nate McLouth, PIT, OF
  • Carlos Beltran, NYM, OF
  • Greg Maddux, ret, P

It's Maddux' record 18th win, and Beltran's third straight. Somehow, Manny Ramirez' late season surge with the Dodgers earned him no fielding accolades. Al Franken and I demand a recount.

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Chutley got robbed ya'll

The pitching golden glove should be renamed the Maddux Award.

But seriously, what does Maddux do with all 18 of his trophies? I don't care how big your house is, that's a lot of gilded leather.

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