Baseball Yatra is Great Success: Pirates Sign Rinku and Dinesh

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My favorite new Japanese baseball blog NPB Tracker has the biggest and best news of the week: the Pittsburgh Pirates have signed our favorite Indian contest winners Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel to minor league contracts! Hopefully, this means they'll participate in the Pirates minor league camp next spring and try out for one of the low A teams. With the sorry state of that franchise, Rinku and Dinesh are automatically the most talented pitching prospects in the entire organization.

As you know, Rinku and Dinesh won the Million Dollar Arm contest on Indian TV by displaying awesome arm strength and a desire to become baseball players. They've spent the last nine months in California learning the rules of the game and, most importantly, how to throw fastballs and brushback pitches. Their blog has been a constant source of amusement to us, and their recent audition for major league scouts even caught the attention of mainstream media publications.

The news was published on Yahoo! Japan, so I have no idea what the details are, because Google Translate has trouble with words like "Dinesh" and "slider".

Still, this is a major event for Rinku, Dinesh, JB sir, their truck-driving fathers, and Camp Tiger Claw. Sorry, Ken Slate, outsourcing is here to stay.

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Congrats Rinku and Dinesh!

It is a little funny that these guys can get a contract, but Barry Bonds can't

It's a Diwali Miracle!


Anyone else getting page load errors here, when using Firefox? Has Gawker bombed the WoW servers???

Our server has always sucked. Sorry, Gorge.

I don't get page load errors. Occasionally I get errors when I try to leave comments.
Unless that's Rob blocking my funny/witty/insightful blerbs.

I'm so happy for these two. I wish they knew how to do The Dance Of Joy.

when using Firefox? Has Gawker bombed the WoW servers???
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