Cliff Lee Wins AL Cy Young Award

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You don't think Cliff Lee was untouchable this year? Just ask all the pansy-ass AL Central teams he beat down this season. Ask the wimpy Royals or over-hyped Tigers or even his own teammates whose record would have been far under .500 had Lee not dominated the weak sisters of the American League with such aplomb.

But regardless, Lee won the AL Cy Young Award because he was utterly dominant when he was supposed to be. He came off a horribly bad 2007 season where he fluttered between the minors and the majors and started out with a bang; he had a 27 inning scoreless streak in April. Lee got a little extra juice on his fastball, a little extra drop on his curveball, and posted a groundball ratio nearly twice as high as his career numbers to get those easy peasy infield outs. Dude went 22-3 for a miserably mediocre team with no bullpen and barely any shred of offense. That's what Steve Phillips was talkin' about.

My pick Roy Halladay finished in second (with four first place votes!), just ahead of Angels closer Frankie Rodriguez, who isn't even good enough to earn a contract offer from his team. Once again, CTC nailed the pick and moves to 6-for-6 in predix.

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Barry Zito welcomes him to the club.

6-6? CTC is on steroids.

Oh, CTC is on something, alright.
/80s sitcom canned laughter

Rob, are the Yankees faithful stomping on their knishes at the idea that Moose and Mo only got a combined five third place votes?

See, McFly? That's what happens when you tamper with the future. Now CTC's going to use his prediction winnings to take over Hill Valley and turn the old courthouse into a casino.

I still remember the thrill of seeing Alex P. Keaton use the word "asshole" at the end of Back to the Future.

I think his streak will end and AL MVP. I don't think Quinten will get the nod.

CTC is 6-for-6 in predictions, but Rob is 1-for-1 in Being Clooney.

/won't let it die

Sorry, UTFLW, this post firmly establishes CTC as the Clooneyist.

Halladay my red ass. Congratulations, Cliff!


Eat Shit.


Camp Tiger Clooney.

@Honeynut, I'll answer that question. Yes, and now I want another knish.

I want the names and addresses of those that voted Halladay third.

That said, I'm still Clooney

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