Despite Loose Dirt, Rinku and Dinesh Win Another Tryout

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In what has become the single most exciting story of foreign born teenagers trying to make a big splash in the United States since the great immigration of Ukrainian high school platform divers in the 1960s, our Indian heroes Rinku and Dinesh have won themselves another tryout with major league scouts! But this opportunity didn't happen without some difficult barriers to overcome. No, not the language or cultural barriers, I meant loose mound dirt. Says Rinku:

We were very excited before the workout. We warmed up inside in a netting and I feel very good. I think I throw 90 MPH with good control. Then we went outside... The mound dirt was loose and my foot was falling each time I throw. Coaches and scouts say I do good, but I can do much harder pitches. There were many scouts there and we were grateful for them to journey to Arizona to watch our try outs.

Adds Dinesh:

I too was very excited and feeling very strong and confident. Inside I think I pitched at 91 - 92 MPH I think also with good control. Outside was very bad. I pitched first and my first throw had my foot slipping because the dirt of the mound was loose. I tell Coach Tom but he say I have t o pitch, so I pitch. The slip make me throw slower and not so accurate. I feel like scouts not see my best, but I sure I can pitch much better than I show.

Sheesh! They're in our fine country for just over six months and they're already using the same lame excuses that lazy Americans also use! "Oh, the dirt on the mound was too loose." What, did JB sir hire Complainin' Curt Schilling to be their public relations coach?

USA Today's own Bob Nightengale is still following the pair in their quest to win an offer from a professional baseball squadron. He reports that Rinku and Dinesh will work out in front of scouts on their 'home turf' in Los Angeles, even putting off a planned trip back to India to see their families. Also, they'll be actual celebrities when they tour their homeland promoting the second season of "The Million Dollar Arm" reality show.

There's a video at the USA Today website of our heroes. I'd embed it if it were possible. Our pal Meech at The Fightins did all the hard work for us, and we owe him many, many Cokes. Please to enjoy.

(Picture credited to Matt York of the AP and stolen from because we have no shame about stealing from the hands that feed us)

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I'm not sure if we have established this, but while India didn't have a team for the World Baseball Classic, they apparently had a team in something called the Women's Baseball World Cup.

They finished 7th.

Watch out for the loose women at the LA try out.

India? They still have the plague, you know.



Did you guys hear that Farthammer partied with Alex Mack? He wrote it like 3 posts ago.

To be honest, up until now I've thought that that blog was just a fake by some bored guy in a basement somewhere...

Sorry; no pictures. I don't own a camera and my fiance forgot hers. I will say that she is very nice. I barely talked to her, but my fiance hung out with her at the bridal shower. Gave her a thumbs-up.

I wish there were pictures though; I looked like James fucking Bond in Goldfinger.

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