Got the Postseason Award Blues? Nevermind the Downballot Stuff

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If you're one of those newfangled sabermetric nerdy types like me, you should feel pretty darn good about the results of the six major postseason awards as voted on by the BBWAA. That's the MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year awards. No, I'm not talking about the Manager of the Year awards; how can we give that award any provenance when the winner is always "the guy whose team performed better than we, the writers, predicted" aka "the guy who must be a fantastic manager because he took a team that we, the writers, felt wasn't very good and led them to a winning record"?

Okay, back to my point: the writers collectively did a great job in rewarding the best players this year, but some folks are taking umbrage at the ballots of individual voters and the overall results past the number one spot. I'm not claiming innocence here either, yesterday I bashed the fella who gave a fifth place AL MVP vote to Jason Bartlett. Our own Lloyd the Barber bashed the AL MVP voters for giving nary a vote to Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay. Yes, the same Roy Halladay who finished second place in the Cy Young voting, ahead of Frankie Rodriguez. Yet Rodriguez still got a first place MVP vote and finished fifth overall.

You know what? We feel pretty satisfied with the winners, let's leave it at that and ignore the down-ballot mumbo-jumbo. Individually, writers are always going to make personal choices, sometimes smart ones based on facts and player performance and sometimes dumb ones based on bias or arbitrary reasons like "Player X was more gritty" or "Team Y made the playoffs."

Collectively, though, the writers didn't make any grievous errors! When all the votes were tallied, the best players won the top honors. Look at the NL MVP race between Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols. Howard had Pujols beat in the traditional slugger counting stats: home runs and RBI. In past years, the writers would lean on those and reward folks like Juan Gonzalez despite the fact that he was a one-trick pony. On steroids. Not so this year, as Pujols won the award for being a better overall hitter and a far better wielder of the leather in the field.

So to all you sabermetric folk out there, don't fret about the details today. The big picture is quite clear.

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Oh, but making guys in Hawaiian shirts is so much fun!

Seriously though, JASON BARTLETT??

Okay, I'm finished.

Lloyd, you haven't seen Jason Bartlett play every day, have you?

Lloyd, you haven't seen Jason Bartlett play every day, have you?

MVPs hit 9th, everyone knows that.

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