I Got Talked Into Cliff Lee, But Two Of My Favorite BBWAA Members Did Not

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While I may be a perfect 6 for 6 on my postseason award predix and the Clooniest dude in WoWville, I gotta say that deep down I never really felt right about shafting my boy Doc Halladay for the AL Cy Young. But you play to win the game, and despite my man live for Doc, I knew Lee would win the Cy by a landslide so I talked myself into him. Ever the contrarian, Iracane went with Halladay and outlined numerous reasons why he did so. I was not so eloquent in my defense of Cliff.

Combing the wire on what is a rather slow day (even for the offseason) I see that two of my favorite AL writers were not so swayed and went out of their way to display the brass balls that made them choose Doc over Cliff. Balls I am apparently not in possession of. First off, Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. And hey, Joe. Like the new contacts! Lookin' sharp.

2. Halladay faced tougher competition, mostly because of all the starts against Tampa Bay, Boston and New York. He was 10-6 with a 2.96 ERA in 16 starts against that AL East trio, averaging 7 1/3 innings per start. Lee went 5-0 with a 2.63 ERA against the Royals.

According to Baseball Prospectus, the batters Halladay faced averaged a .766 OPS. That ranked second among all pitchers with at least 150 innings pitched to Matt Garza (.767). Lee ranked 60th on that list, at .735.

Lee missed his final start (Sept. 28 vs. Chicago) because of neck stiffness, and Cleveland sent Bryan Bullington to the mound in its final game of the season. The White Sox won 5-1, remaining tied with the Twins atop the AL Central.

When it came time to make a tough decision between Halladay and Lee, this weighed into my thoughts, but as the above points show, a good case could have been made for Halladay anyway.

He makes other good points, like Halladay's superior WHIP and K/BB ratio. I SHOULD HAVE STUCK TO MY GUNS. Also voting for Halladay, none other than the Seattle Times' Geoff Baker. Why? Because kiss his ass he's Geoff Baker, that's why.

None of this is to say that Lee didn't deserve the Cy Young, just that you could make a serious case for Halladay and look smart about it. But not me. I am gutless. I am a ninny. I'm sorry, Doc. Take me back.

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Where's your AL East bias CTC?

So Christensen makes some solid points then caps it with "but he screwed my favorite team by not pitching against the White Sox"? And then says that the incident weighed on his mind? INVALID ARGUMENT. NEXT.

What will FJM say about this article?

Christensen also makes a valid point in an entry today why Pedrioa should not win the ALMVP


I'm not clicking on that link, BC, because I have a funny feeling it's more pro-Morneau propaganda.

Nothing of the sort

Fuck this, I retract my CTC endorsement. It's quite clear to me now that Lloyd is the Clooniest of you.

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