Join Walkoff Walk in Fighting Hunger and Donate to a Food Bank

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There are only nine days left before we gather around a large table and ritualistically consume turkey and potatoes, which means that there are only ten days left before we gather around a mall and ritualistically consume slippers and cheese logs. Yes, Black Friday, the traditional start of the American Christmas shopping season, is just around the corner, and before you start throwing your dollar bills around, I'd like you to listen to my plea:

There are millions of hungry and poor people in the United States and you should help them out by donating a small percentage of your holiday shopping budget to your local food banks, because they are struggling.

"We're seeing more and more people coming to the front door and less and less food coming through the back door," said Aine Duggan of the Food Bank for New York City. "We're being squeezed from both sides and we haven't seen the worst of it."

That's it, folks. Corporations are donating less to the food banks at the most vital time, when thousands of people are losing their jobs and those of us who never thought they'd go hungry can no longer afford to feed themselves and their families. So please, I realize that this is very difficult to ask you to open your wallets at a time when everyone is suffering, but if you can afford Internet access to read this silly baseball blog, then you can afford to send a few bucks to your city's local food bank.

Here's a nearly complete list of food banks in MLB cities. Pick your favorite.

And if your town isn't represented on that list, head on over to Feeding America, the website formerly known as Second Harvest. I'll be donating to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey because Bruce Springsteen told me to. Join me, and give a couple of sheckels. Your money will go further than you can possibly imagine to feed some needy folks.

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Very nice sentiment. I'd also encourage all WoW'ers to volunteer some time at a soup kitchen. You'll feel much better about yourself after feeding Latrell Sprewell's family.

If anyone is feeling extra generous, a lot of shelters and free stores can use thermal underwear. Brother, can you spare some longjohns?

A worthwhile cause, to be sure. I would broadly encourage anyone who has even the slightest impulse to do any charity work this holiday season, to just do it. The need is profound and, as Rob says, more widespread than usual this year.

Awesome idea, everyone. If you can't give your money, give your time. And if you can't give your time or your money, give your old coats. And you can't give your time, money or old coats, what good are you, anyway?

I gave at the office.

Seriously though, the "adopt a family" program is also something to look into. It provides toys, clothing and food certificates for less fortunate families at Christmas. Do a web search for your local program. We also had our 3 1/2 year old drop a gift off at our church for Toys for Tots so she can start learning about being charitable.


The adopt-a-family programs are terrific. It's almost like giving twice: family members get items they need/want, and it provides relief from the enormous emotional toll suffered by parents who cannot provide for their own children.

Also, great work with exposing your daughter to community involvement. One of the things I do in my job is oversee our company's corporate responsibility efforts. We're an education and child care provider and every year we have tens of thousands of children participate in things like this. They totally get the cause-and-effect of this.

We will be working at a local soup kitchen as well as giving canned food away.

On a related note, turkey is my least favorite aspect of the coming feast. Discuss.

Who knew underneath all the snark, we actually do good things.

Turkey is alright, but the mashed potatoes, homemade mac n cheese and the cranberry sauce in the can is superior to the turkey

So this is all that "Human Condition" stuff I have been hearing about.

I like the turkey, but my wife makes a baked cheddar cheese, corn and cornbread casserole that I would fuck if it had a hole. It's that good.

How am I supposed to make a comedy pyramid out of do-goodery and turkey-hating?

Will this cooking blog have a recipe or two for Thanksgiving? I'll let you know the best way to get cranberry sauce out of the can.

Good moist turkey is delicious. Most turkey is dry and sucks, though.

By the way, here's the best sandwich I ever made:

This is probably the best time of year to plunk down the $30, or whatever it is, and get an online subscription to Cook's Illustrated. That thing is a freaking goldmine and it will easily get you through any holiday meal prep challenges.

I already talked to Mrs. BCTF about going to holiday light show that the mpls charity is putting on.

Chief, I wanna dip my balls in that sando. I love muff.

My girl makes a mac/cheese with a bechamel sauce and 4 different cheeses. It's tasty AND healthy! I can post it if necessary. All I usually do is mashed sweet potaters.

By the way, how wonderful that a post about helping stop hunger has devolved into all of us talking about the awesome food we're gonna eat.


Definitely post it. This place:

makes a lasagna with bechamel sauce so good it'll make you come. It's also about 50 feet from my apartment. Heh.

4Tbl Butter, plus 2tbl and 1 tbl for later
4tbl flour
2c half&half
3/4tsp salt
1/4tsp pepper
8.5oz parmesan
1lb. elbow macaroni
1/2 tsp minced garlic
4oz grated cheddar
4oz grated fontina
4oz grated gruyere
1/4c bread crumbs

-Melt 4tb butter in saucepan on low.
-Add flour and combine thoroughly.
-Up heat to medium and whisk in half/half slowly.
-Remove from heat, season with salt/pepper, and add 4oz parmesan, then set aside and cover it up. Preheat oven to 350.
-Boil large pot of water, cook macaroni to al dente.
-Drain, and add 2tbl butter, garlic, and bechamel sauce.
-Use 1tbl butter to grease 3qtr baking dish, and combine 4oz of parmesan, gruyere, fontina, and cheddar in a bowl.
-Start layering alternate levels of mac, then cheese, then mac, then cheese in the baking dish.
-Combine bread crumbs and remaing .5 oz of parmesan, and sprinkle on top. Then bake for 40-45 minutes until golden brown and bubbly.
-Let sit for 5 minutes.

FYI, you can substitute any cheeses you want in the fontina/gruyere/cheddar stage. Also, quit being a bitch and add some type of hot sauce to this as well.

It's not a real holiday unless a leg of lamb is cooked.

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