Managers of the Year Manage to Manage Men Manageably

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I guess my 260 write-in votes for John McLaren and Dusty Baker got lost in the mail. I can think of no other explanation as to why Joe Maddon and Lou Piniella just got named Manager of the Year in their respective leagues. The BBWAA rewarded Maddon for taking his underdog Tampa Bay Rays to the top of the American League East and Piniella for leading the Chicago Cubs to the best regular season record in the National League and the Cubs best record in 63 years.

Joe Maddon's nonsensical "9=8" math equation proved, in the long run, that his team was better than Tito Francona's Red Sox or Mike Scioscia's Angels. Whether repping his indie hipster cred or tearing his young team a new one, Maddon was always the cool cat with the media and never blew smoke up their collective asses. Even when bloggers accused him of overmanaging, Maddon stuck to his guns and let his players assemble a stunning 97-65 record. He picked up all but one first-place vote and outdistanced second place Ron Gardenhire by 80 points. piniella.jpg

Piniella shouldn't feel so bad about abandoning that Rays job a few years back now that both teams are so successful. Sure, his Cubs team folded like a beach towel in the playoffs, but the postseason is just a dumb crapshoot for a dumb shiny trophy and dumb bragging rights. Piniella received 15 first place votes and 103 points overall, finishing 36 points ahead of the Phillies' Charlie Manuel and 55 points ahead of the Marlins' Fredi Gonzalez. For some reason, Dale Sveum earned a single third-place vote.

Kudos to Camp Tiger Claw for correctly predicting both award winner. Folks, he's now 5-for-5 in postseason award predictions. Don't expect the streak to continue; for some reason he chose "Dwight Evans" as his AL MVP.

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like I said back in October

Joe Maddon, AL MOTY = easiest decision ever.

I think a cigar smoking monkey could have managed the Cubs this year.

I think a cigar smoking monkey could have managed the Cubs this year.

You leave Jim Leyland out of this!

I bet the monkey would have benched Fukudome.

Hail to the chimp!

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