Massive Covelli Crisp Move: Coco Crisp to Royals?

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As per sports radio station WHB 810 in Kansas City, via the Extra Bases blog, via our commenter D. Chuck fka UTFLW, Coco Crisp is headed to the Royals in exchange for young relief pitching stud Ramon Ramirez. Without confirming or denying the report, Royals senior adviser Mike Arbuckle had this to say about Crisp:

"I would say Coco is a good player and we're always interested in getting good players."

I guess the Royals are pretty satisfied with their pitching staff and the Red Sox are pretty satisfied with Jacoby Ellsbury in center field. This looks to be a deal that helps both teams immediately.

UPDATE: The trade becomes official at high noon.

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Mike Arbuckle continued directly, discussing his brother Jon's cat's predilection for Italian baked noodle dishes, profound hatred of the first day of the work-week, and fascination with feline postage to Arab Emirates.

810, huh? I'll believe it when I see it.

That's a lot of vias and intertubes.

Dammit Freetzy, now what joke am I supposed to make?

How about Fatty Arbuckle, CTC. I mean, c'mon. A champagne bottle?

Let him amongst us who hasn't sodomized an underage girl with a champagne bottle pop the first cork.

Meanwhile I'm still waiting to see something from Andy Marte, although Kelly Shoppach was a nice addition.

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