Massive Matt Moment: Oakland Acquires Matt Holliday from Rockies?

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Perhaps G.M. Billy Beane was not quite as satisfied as we thought with Emil Brown's .683 OPS in the outfield, because the Oakland A's are on the verge of making a big splash in the trade market, as per Jon Heyman:

The A's are closing in on a deal with the Rockies that would send star outfielder Matt Holliday to Oakland from Colorado, has learned. The players Colorado would receive are not yet known.

I'd provide some instant analysis but I'm just not smart enough to analyze something this surprising in just an instant. Still, with exactly one Athletics hitter breaking the vaunted .400 mark of slugging percentage last season (note: there is nothing vaunted about a .400 SLG), this will provide manager Bob Geren with a Real Live Actual Baseball Hitter to pencil into his lineup every day.

UPDATE: A confidential source to Walkoff Walk says that Holliday is coming into Oakland tomorrow for his physical with the A's staff. Turn your head and cough, etc.

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Beane will trade Holliday at the deadline in 08-09 for six 8th grade pitchers

Interesting. I guess the rationale is to get what you can from a good hitter with a friendly contract, then either trade him once you are out of contention or let him walk and get the draft pick compensation.

Someone make sure Farthammer hasn't passed out upon hearing this news.

You know, there was a lot of hype in Philly that Holliday might come our way.

55,000 Phillies fans just took to the streets in a not-so-silent protest of the Phillies' inability to do anything good in the last 9 days.

Do the Rockies realize that the A's don't have Rich Harden anymore?

Me and my fellow A's fans have mixed feelings. Some are cautious of giving away too much in terms of prospects for one year of Holliday. Some think that breaking the bank for a multi-year contract after 2009 for a COlorado product is stupid.

Others, like me, are pumped that Beane actually got a big hitter and could give a shit about losing Carlos Gonzales.

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