Old Man And Young Girl Exchange Torch Using Only Their Knuckles

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It's a big day for knuckleball news. First we go to Japan where, in what is in no way a publicity stunt, independent league team the Kobe 9 Cruise have drafted a 16 year old girl to pitch for them. Before we get to the baseball analysis, let's just state the obvious. There are no bigger perverts than old Japanese dudes. The only thing that would have put more asses in the seats than a schoolgirl pitcher is an animated schoolgirl pitcher. Know your audience and you will succeed. The Kobe 9 Cruise have that down.

Anyway, 16 year old Eri Yashida is a sidearm knuckleballer who clocks in at all of 5 feet tall and 114 pounds. Watch out for those comebackers to the mound, Eri! She hopes to model her career after Tim Wakefield, which is a pretty good goal to have. Pitch for 17 years, win a couple of titles and... retire at 42?

That's the word on the street. Apparently Wake is having some shoulder troubles and is seriously pondering hanging it up. There isn't much to say about him that hasn't been said. I've never been his biggest fan but he always pitches when you ask him to. Something to be said for that I suppose. So if it's true, I wish Tim a room temperature congratulations and Eri Yashida says, "Sayanora, brobro. Thanks for the roster spot."

(I owe an RC Cola to YFSF for the Wakefield tip.)

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Say what you will about having him around, he at least brought consistency to the pitching staff. You knew every 5 days you were either getting a gem or getting shelled. So I guess instead of having his face on a bust in canton maybe he should have his face on a slot machine at Foxwoods.

Canton? Wow. I'm fired. How about Cooperstown?

I bet she is better than Kei Igawa

You knew every 5 days you were either getting a gem or getting shelled.

Are we still talking about AJ Burnett?

The only shells AJ Burnett knows about are in his Forever 21 necklace

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