Rinku and Dinesh Are Ready For Their Closeup

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Our Indian friends are finally getting their star turn. Rinku and Dinesh, winners of the Million Dollar Arm contest in their home country of India, are getting ready for their big league tryouts in Arizona and were interviewed by the good folks at ESPN. Says Rinku:

Today we met Mark sir from ESPN and he spent many time interviewing us today for TV program. It was first time Dinesh and I have to do big talking in English. Pitching is hard, but for us media is even harder.

"Pitching is hard, but for us media is even harder". Funny, that's exactly what Rick Sutcliffe says every single morning. So if you're watching ESPN this weekend (because I certainly will not), be on the lookout for this interview. Perhaps they will include footage from today's big tryout.

Yes, after six months of training and waiting and cooking spare ribs, Rinku and Dinesh are finally trying out in front of MLB scouts. I don't know who is more nervous: their agent JB sir or their biggest fan, Kris Liakos (KL sir). Let us all pray that they are able to strike with consistency and hit 95 MPH on the speed-o-meter. If we're lucky, at least one of them will get an invitation to spring training, where they will have the opportunity to not eat In-N-Out burgers. You know, the cow thing.

In even bigger media news, Rinku and Dinesh finally made their Deadspin debut, thanks to the genius of West Coast associate editor and noted Puppy Bowl enthusiast Rick Chandler. Deadspin commenter Cromartie provides some insight:

And, for that matter, having watched The Million Dollar Arm Hunt I can also tell you that these guys suck. If they were any good, they'd be bowlers in the ICL.

Well that's why they've spent the last year in the U.S. learning, you know, to become an actual baseball pitcher, dummy.

After the jump, check out a picture of Rinku and Dinesh meeting with Spawn comic book creator and action toy magnate Todd McFarlane. Rinku even got a Matrix toy!


I love the headless Brett Favre statuette.

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Also, if anyone has any idea who that gentleman in the picture is, I'd be ever so grateful.

Even if the tryout doesn't go well the Nationals will sign them.

I got it. It's Mark Schwarz, and the show is Outside the Lines.

I trust this Cromartie person was vaporized, post haste.

Dinesh looks like a kid I went to high school with. NO THEY DON'T ALL LOOK THE SAME.

"their biggest fan, Kris Liakos"

so CTC is vacationing in Arizona this week?

I love that they're wearing USC hats and Arizona State tees. Throw in some UCLA boxers and you're set. Methinks the boys somehow took "Pac 10" a little too literally.

I'm cheering these lads on, real fact:My grandfather was born in India, that was because of the whole British Raj thing however... And let's face it, Rinku must be better than Ehren Wasserman.

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