Rinku & Dinesh Become Overnight Celebrities

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Ever since our heroes Rinku and Dinesh signed their first professional contract with the Pirates on Monday, they've had to endure a whirlwind of media attention and interview requests. They're no longer merely stars in their homeland of India; they're worldwide celebs now! Today, NPR, tomorrow, Oprah!

There have been dozens of news items published about the pair since Monday. Columnists from St. Louis to Mumbai have commented on the historic signing, and the baseballblogosphere is absolutely agog.

If I had to guess, ESPN should be showing their Rinku and Dinesh featurette on "Outside the Lines" next Sunday. I can picture it now: fatheaded Bob Ley will probably talk to their publicist Jeff Bernstein (JB sir) live, via satellite, and bring on another voice to decry the internationalization of America's pasttime. I wonder if Ken Slate is telegenic. Probably not.

But with all of this attention come roadblocks and pitfalls. Dinesh writes:

Since news of signing with Pittsburgh Pirates, Rinku and I saying many interviews.

We like talk with reporter and see they write about us, but we always hoping that reporter would be talking slower so it is more easy for us to understand. I am think that we are sounding bad, but JB, sir says we are doing good job of talking. We practiced for 2 hours with JB, Sir tonight.

Don't worry about struggling with your English, friends. Emmitt Smith can barely read at a third grade level or speak without tripping over his words and, yet, he is actually paid to talk about sports on the biggest sports network on television. Rinku and Dinesh are probably three months away from surpassing Smith's vocabulary anyway.

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the baseball blogosphere is absolutely GAZAB!

Quite rightly

I can only imagine what they'll think if Leitch interviews them.

We right away went to the internet to locate Pittsburgh on map. It is in north east part of USA and looks like very good city.

No one burst their bubble, please.

Also, will they start in a rookie league or will they be put in single A?

I'd like a State College Park Spike Rinesh jersey.

Or I could get one of their names right.

Dinku is upset that you didn't choose his jersey, Colonel sir.

looks like very good city.

Some of the nicer things about Pittsburgh are a lack of rotten corpses and alligators flooding the three rivers, no lepers, no plague, and the relative scarcity of tiger attacks. It does still smell a lot like India, though.

+1, Chief. That made me spit out my raspberry lime sparkling water.

Correction: Many Pittsburgh residents are lepers.

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