Shocking Second Base Superstar Surgery Surprises Some

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Massive creampuff news today from Todd Zolecki at via the good folks at the 700 Level via my Google Reader, which aggregates news very well, thank you very much: Chase Utley needs hip surgery, y'all! He'll be out four to six months. Here's the news release:

"Based on the diagnostic studies and examinations, it has been recommended that Utley have surgery on his right hip, which is scheduled for next week. The procedure will be an arthroscopic evaluation with treatment of any labral or bony injury. The recovery will allow for the initiation of baseball activities between three and four months, however, the total recovery time may require four to six months."

Phillies fans, how do you live like this? Is it too late to bring back Tadahito Iguchi?

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Uh oh. I broke him.

I think the Phillies should re-sign Mickey Morandini. Or let me play second.

Boy was I surprised when the Philly that needed hip surgery wasn't Jamie Moyer

Victorino is going to beat up an extra catcher, tonight.

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