Surprise! Rookie of the Year Awards Were Won By Rookies

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In what will come as a surprise to absolutely no one who watched a shred of baseball this year, rookies Evan Longoria of the American League champion Rays and Geovany Soto of the National League Central winning Cubs won their respective league's Jackie Robinson Award. Longoria was the unanimous choice while Soto was slightly less...ummm....nanimous.

The Jackie Robinson Award? That's what the kids are calling the "Rookie of the Year" award nowadays. It's similar to how the best pitcher wins the Cy Young award or how the best hitter wins the Hank Aaron award, or how the best broadcaster gets to wear the Bob Uecker Memorial Furry Costume.

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...or how the best new blog wins the Eugene Robinson award. Why is a blog award named after a former All-Pro Free Safety? I dunno. Either way, congrats Rob and Kris!

Oh and it's so not named after the Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson. 'Cuz fuck THAT guy.

It's called the Eugene Robinson award because the winners usually have a predilection towards hookers.

Thanks, Honeynut. We're sending Darren to the ceremony to accept the award as a political statement about the United States' poor treatment of under-sexed Vietnamese 19-year-old dudes.

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