Thanksgiving Questions

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turkeybaby.jpg Hey kids, I am thankful for all of you.


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Thanksgivingprediction: Jake Peavy changes teams tonight.

Chocoolate pie is my fave. It's got brownie like consistency.

If it's outside the bird, it's dressing. Or, so I was brought up to understand.

Pecan AND pumpkin, please. And, come over around 11:00. With the Jack.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Safe travels and hope you all have debilitating gorge-fests ahead of you, stuffing or not.

Hell yeah, Get Up Kids. Check out the New Amsterdams, too -- Matt Pryor's side project/full time project/part time project. Para Toda Vida's good stuff.

The Twins could totally kick the Lions ass in Football. Joe Mauer was an All-American QB in highschool. Boof Bonser, Eddie Guardado, and Dennys Reyes could anchor the O-line.

pecan pie with a cup of black coffee. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

Stuffing goes in the bird, and preferably includes sausage and oysters.

You might enjoy the album Dylan and Cash did together. Also, if you haven't heard the Cash/Joe Strummer cover of Redemption Song stop whatever you are doing and go get it now.

I've met Dylan and hung out at his house in Malibu and the townhouse in New York before he sold it. He's stranger than you think.

Pumpkin pie, but it must be accompanied by fresh homemade whipped cream.

Konichiwa, bitches, have a great Thanksgiving. I hear the vegetables at CTC's place are going to be great.

I say Dylan with Phil Lesh at the Target center in Minneapolis when I was in college. I was really high. Just saying

Better be a big damn bottle of Jack, hoss. You know how I drink.

Happy Thanksgiving, motherfuckers.



Happy Thanksgiving, friends to the south.

If anything happens this weekend, your loyal Canadian will be on top of it, as I'm working like a sucker all weekend long.

What do they call Thanksgiving in Canada?

Thanksgiving, but it's in October. Only one day off, and minimal big box retail rioting.

Does the CFL schedule crappy games that day?

I will continue my tradition of eating way too many appetizers and drinking way too many beers before dinner, and then eating like 4 bites of the main course.

Pumpkin please. I will eat until I can't decide whether to throw up or shit.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you fat bastards. Travel safe.

There are indeed crappy CFL games that day. I think Toronto/Montreal and Vancouzzzzzzzzzzz

CFL Rivalries are for Labour Day. Toronto/Hamilton and Calgary/Edmonton, intra-provzzzzzzzzzzz

Pecan or Pumpkin? I don't follow.

Lloyd is LABOR day. You should really use spell check.

Chief, you actually know Dylan the hippy thing from the Magic Roundabout.

Happy Thanksgiving i guess, just a normal day for us. We need a November day off, we don't have a bank holiday from August until Boxing day :(

WILL BoL survive Thanksgiving alone without chipping a tooth (like he did last night)?

BoL is alone on Thanksgiving? Or are you spending Thanksgiving alone because you chipped a tooth?

I just got Rick Rolled by the fucking Macy's parade.

+1 Macys people for the Rick Roll.

CTC is injecting his unmistakable charm into my family's thanksgiving festivities right now, and looking quite dapper might I add.

Thanksgiving is over, and the madness of Christmas begins. The retail season sucks no matter the economic climate-- when you work in retail. Please kill me.

MmmmMMmmmm......juicy baby

Rick Astley rickrolling the Macys Day Parade reminds me of the time Willard Scott goatse'd the audience during the parade in '89.

I can't tell if I am hungover from the whiskey or the food.

Rick Astley hasn't changed at all in 20 years. Still wearing the same coat from that soppy christmas number with the awful lipsync

Buns didn't rise. Goddamn yeast let me down. They don't listen to Rick Astley.
The ham kicked ass. Drank too much wine. Would do it all again.


Let's all have a west coast walkoffwalk party ASAP. I am drunk and full of love.

I'd go to that.

Mac and Cheese was excellent, Fartie, thank you. Might have been a little too rich with the rest of Thanksgiving dinner, though, it kind of went over the top. But damn, it was good. Also allowed me to trade recipes and cooking tips with Ms. Wahoo's mom, which was major points.

BTW, not to get all sappy, but holy crap am I lucky I met the Ms. This beats the crap out of past Thanksgivings.


Thanksgiving leftovers are for little girls and housewives. I made red wine braised spare ribs with rosemary last night and I didn't even pull a Dinesh and cut my finger.

Does SalDawg know about this Rosemary hussy?

Rosemary does things that SalDawg doesn't do.

Like impart a bitter and astringent taste that complements a wide variety of foods.

So how gay does it make me if I say that Rosemary is my favorite herb?

There's another herb that I like better. That's right, Herb Tarlik.

Even more than the late Herb Score? Now I don't feel so bad about not mentioning his passing.

Also, rosemary is a macho herb. If Farthammer had said tarragon, we'd have laughed and pointed.

Boy is my face red. Not as red as Herb Score's once was, though.

My face is red because I forgot sunscreen today. Is it sunny where you guys are?

In the midst of the disappointment and audible sighs, you can hear a screaming phony gwynn-- a lone, unarrested voice in din of the Jets' stadium.

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