The Dutch Oven: Grinding the Rumor Mill's Delicious Sausage

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Why the dutch oven? Because the term 'hot stove' needs to be retired. This feature will attempt to give you a listicle-driven source for all sorts of off-season baseball rumors. If you have any suggestions, rumors, or recipes that I can cook in my dutch oven, email us

  • Jake Peavy Chooses His Own Adventure: Padres GM Kevin Towers says that the wheels are in motion for Jake Peavy to be traded, and that three National League teams remain in contention: specifically, the Braves, Cubs, and a third Mystery! team. The Pads want Jeff Samardzija from the Cubbies and probably Yunel Escobar and prospect Jordan Schafer from the Braves. So who is the third team? Houston? Los Angeles? St. Louis? The Bowling Green Hot Rods?

  • A Forty-Five Million Dollar Slap in the Face: Pardon my hack joke, but if somebody offered me even forty-five hundred dollars to blog for two years, I'd jump and clap my hands like a seven-year-old girl. Still, the Dodgers' $45 million, two-year offer to Manny is the lowballs of all lowballs. It's a token offer for Ned Colletti to appease the Dodger faithful, and they should return his gesture with a swift kick in the moustache.

  • Mariners Dig Deep in Managerial Search, Art Howe Updates Resume: New Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik is searching high and wide for a manager for the miserable Mariners, even putting a feeler out for former Pirates skipper Lloyd McClendon. Yes, the same Lloyd McClendon whose team went 336-446 in five years in Pittsburgh. Misery, she loves company.

  • Mystery National League Team Expresses Interest in Noted Kenny G Fan: Mariners pitcher Miguel Batitsta has garnered trade interest from another team, and Seattle fans are just as giddy as can be. Hopefully, that mystery team won't vet Batista too much and find out about his obsession with serial killers.

  • Nationals New Blue Jerseys Are a Hot Mess: I forget, does that mean they're good or bad?

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The Cardinals can't be in the running for Peavy. That would require making an actual deal. It's much easier to just pick players off the scrap heap.


Give up a SS with a bad attitude and a CF who got pinched for HGH. DO IT NOW

newsflash: a bar that offers a "free Jameson from 10-11" promotion is a very, very bad place for me to be. Holy crap do I feel awful.

So obviously I am no Dodger fan, but what else are they supposed to do? I heard on the radio that they offered Manny 2 for $50, or 3 for $75 million. Do we all agree that a 5 year deal is stupid? Or do we not?

If Manny signed with the Yankees for four years and $112 million, I would be okay with that.

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