Tim Lincecum Wins National League Cy Young Award

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Tim Lincecum won the NL Cy Young Award. Perhaps the most dominant pitcher in the National League in 2008, the kid led the league in strikeouts with 265 and trailed only Johan Santana in ERA. Lincecum is just the second Giant to win the award, joining 1967 winner Mike McCormick.

Brandon Webb finished second and Santana came in third. Most importantly, Camp Tiger Claw called the winner so he gets a point in the race to be good at predictin' postseason awards.

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It was nice of Lincecum to let that kid try on his uniform.

Seriously though, thank god the voters got something right for once.

Fuken Yager shots for everyone!

The voters got it right, but Santana winning would have also been right.

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