Tonight's Question

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Hey kids, man is by nature a political animal.

  • DID you vote today?

I promise this will all be over soon.

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Yes, and I got a sweet sticker.

Yes, but I forgot to read/vote on the issue questions at the bottom. This after I rolled my eyes at the elderly couple who needed help using the polling machine. Dou-CHE!

I voted for Kodos.

Yes, early and often. I had to cancel out Frontrunner Rollins' vote.

Aliens? Bio-duplication? Nude conspiracies!?! Oh my God, Lyndon
LaRouche was right.

I get to wait hours in line after work to vote because the old ball and chain wanted me to wait for her.

bc: what's the acceptable period between 'blushing bride' and 'old ball and chain'? I'm lacking in my social norms.

And I'm hoping to squeeze out of work early to avoid long lines.
Stupid non-sexy infernal internal audit.

I am not sure. I can't wait until I can refer to her as "the ol' lady"

I was in my polling place at 8:45 this morning and on my way to Starbucks for my free coffee by 8:55--no lines at all. No "I Voted!" stickers either, though.

I hear that Starbucks in Cali can't give away free coffee to people who have "I Voted!" stickers due to laws here. So instead Starbucks is giving coffee to everyone. Just hearsay and I haven't verified that.
By the way, my polling place IS a Starbucks!

Liakos by nature is A PARTY ANIMAL, BRAH!

Are you on drugs Liakos?

Being a gentleman of leisure I strolled in and out of my polling place in 5 minutes this afternoon. Then I came home and drank whiskey. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

It's easy in Oregon: vote by mail! Or, if you're like me, you wait until the day before and you go to a drop box. It just feels more like voting that way. Seriously, if you live here and you don't vote, I just don't know what to say.

I voted.

That's how it was in GA too. Instead of getting my free coffee I got a Gingersnap Latte. I'm an idiot

Vote for what

Instead of getting my free coffee I got a Gingersnap Latte. I'm an idiot

Idiot wasn't my first choice of words, but at least you're contrite.

Caught with weed?

Less than an ounce?

It's cool man, you're in the new Massachusetts.

Here's a ticket.

Party at Casa Tiger Claw!

It looks like Obama might pitch a complete game. No signs of Biden in the bullpen to blow this lead.

I wanna post the shrimp.

Am I bad for being concerned for our new President's safety? Or is that an indictment of our country?

The shrimp video in slow motion, set to that astounding speech.

America. Fuck Yeah. For all the right reasons.

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