Tonight's Question

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Hey kids, bank on it.

  • ARE you going to sign Jason Giambi to your co-ed softball team now that he's available?

  • WILL Jake Peavy be on another team when you wake up in the morning?

  • ARE you going to call me an emo wimp when I say I'm going to see Conor Oberst tonight? I don't care. He understands me.

That movie is from the same auteurs that brought you the Jon Papelbon/Darth Vader Halloween movie. Enjoy this one. It's just as... like that.

See you back here tomorrow. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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Forget Conor Oberst and his crappy sad-bastard music. Patrick the homoerotic film auteur understands ME

if the Braves don't get Peavy, I'll be sadder than Conor

These kids are the next Rinku and Dinesh. In other words, they'll be huge six months from now.

Don't cut too deep, CTC.

and they'll get credited to Rob instead of Kris

I for one am looking forward to a season of Camp Tiger Bangs pics on the Dabbleboard next year

6 days into the offseason and we already have videos of shirtless preteen boys? First a shitty championship parade liveglog and now this? This site went downhill QUICK.

We still have a better defensive option at first. How does he feel about moving to catcher? I don't think he'll be a liability there.

hobo............ it's you

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