Tonight's Question

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Hey kids, beware the fury of a patient man.

  • WHY were there no big deals during these Winter Meetings?

Seriously, the meetings are over and all the general managers could come up with was a token $50 million contract offer by Ned Colletti (left) to superstar slugger Manny Ramirez. Jake Peavy: still a Padre. Jeff Francouer: still a Brave. Rinku and Dinesh: still waiting for a Twitter update.

See youse guys tomorrow.

Picture stolen from the AP's Lenny Ignelzi via the WaPo

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Tonight's question: will Wahoo stay sober enough to see the end of the Browns game?

For all we know, Rinku is still throwing curveballs.

That can't be good for his arm

Tonight's question: WILL I come up with a reasonable amount of clothes to donate to my company's Winter Clothes Drive tomorrow? Don't count on it, I'm an only child who never learned how to share.

Tonight's question: HOW high is Iracane that he thinks left = right?

Ned Coletti as Carmen Miranda

Not pictured? Snakeskin boots and socks made of pure grit and gut feelings.


Iracane is not high; he meant from HIS left. He's on the other side of the screen, dummy.

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