Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I like that. Gimme it.

  • WHO is a bigger Scrooge: Cal Ripken Jr. or Scrooge?

  • DOES the Phillies front office dare eat a peach?

  • WHAT the hell is wrong with these kids?

  • AM I alone in not being totally stoked for Chinese Democracy? You snooze, you lose dude.

  • WHY do people think that Mark Cuban ever had a chance of owning the Cubs? This headline would be a hilarious understatement... if it he ever had a realistic chance.

BYE! Same WoW channel.

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It's Kevin Shields versus Axl in the Battle of the Return of the Crazy Ginger Monomaniacal Musicians.

Who ya got?

Not that stoked for the new GnR either.

I am stoked about the Kings of Leon and The Whigs tonight.

I went to a small town in Missouri this weekend to see my brother in a high school playoff football game. The school's marquee said that classes were canceled for three days due to deer season.

Also, you should be stoked for free Dr. Pepper. Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos can't promise you that.

I was stoked for years, then completely unstoked, then back to being semi-stoked. I'm very curious, at the moment. Will and I agree that Yesterdays is a very underrated song. And, I don't care how cheesy they might seem now (and, frankly, they seemed a bit cheesy even then), the videos for November Rain and Don't Cry will never not be twin towers of awesomeness. Late '80s Stephanie Seymour = Wow

Cal Ripken, Jr. is an arrogant overrated douche.

Similar log tossing incident in Finland:

He deserved to get hit with that log with a fade like that.

I met the kings of leon. And tv Whigs. Rock n roll

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