Tonight's Questions

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  • WILL Coco Crisp help improve the Royals low team on-base percentage? No.

  • WILL Ramon Ramirez help improve the Red Sox pitching staff by allowing Justin Masterson to return to the rotation? No.

  • WILL Shrimp Baby taste as good in a nice risotto? Absolutely.

See y'all tomorrow.

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Will Coco Crisp's learn a good right hook from his new teammate Jose Guillen? Probably.

Put another shrimp on the baby? A dingo ate my shrimp?

bbq'd shrimp kick ass if done right.
bbq'd shrimp baby is just wrong...comes out too chewy.

That second question is straight yes homey. Let the Yankees over pay for Derek Lowe while we just promote a younger version of him from the bullpen.


The AL strategy for 2009 - Well let the Yankees overpay for _____ and we'll promote a younger version of him from the _________.

Unless THEY promote a younger female version of Tim Wakefield from Japan.


Walkoff Walk is going dark for the next 270 days out of respect for the Moose, one for each of his career wins.

WILL Mike Mussina go into the Hall of Fame as an OriLOL or a Yankee?

Mussina does not deserve to be in the HoF.

Moose absolutely deserves to be in the HoF. Point/Counterpoint. I can be the ignorant slut.

I believe the hall requires true dominance, not above average longevity. And I am definitely ignorant and a former slut.

I think Moose should and will make the HoF. The most amazing part is that an Angelos-era Oriole not named Cal Ripken will make it to Cooperstown.

Wahoo, tell that to the teams he dominated. You don't win 64% of your games by being lucky.

Let's be honest, Rob, it was only 63.8%. Do you want me to tell the teams individually or can I send a group e-mail?

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