Tonight's Questions

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bullseye guy.jpgHey kids, put your hands on.

  • SHOULD Barry Bonds be excited that 3 charges against him have been dropped? Well he still faces 12 more, so I'd keep the good champagne on ice.

  • IS an autographed car the dumbest piece of memorabilia ever? That's where your Detroit bailout money is going.

  • IS Thanksgiving your favorite holiday? It's mine. I just wish Burger King had some sort of turkey dish. I hate breaking tradition, especially when I'm alone.

See you in hell. Same WoW Channel.

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Thanksgiving is my favorite as well. I think that happens as you get older and have to start buying gifts instead of getting them.

However, I would prefer a plate of nothing but mashed potatos, stuffing, and gravy.

I remember not liking Reef at the time, but just about everything from the '90s sounds better now.

However, the lyric, "Place your hands on my hole." Is he asking someone to cover his butthole or his peehole? Or is this some weird fetish song about JFK's post-Dealey tracheotomy?

I like Thanksgiving lots. Failing to control how much I eat is my only beef with the holiday.

I love Thanksgiving, all the more so having spent a couple in my life alone eating pizza. This year I shall make Fartie's Mac and Cheese recipe and bring it to my girlfriends parent's house. Very excited.

Phillas, failing to control how much I eat is my beef with beef. And pork. And chicken.

I hope all of you have somewhere to go Thursday.

Thanks giving is fun, unless you have to drive all over the state to please your inlaws. Man I really hope it snows all weekend. That would awesome.

Chief, you just blew my mind.

Attaboy, Chief. Be a man and put a tiny bit of Tapatio on it.

Holy shrimp, Chief!

Heading to friend's house this year instead of trekking home. Traveling for Thanksgiving is for the birds.
I am baking rolls by request. I've been told my buns are quite tasty.

freetzy, if you take CTC's link to the youtube video out of the post, your Reef comment becomes Comment of the Year.

I love Thanksgiving. I don't have to do shit except show up at my folks and eat until I can't move.

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