Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, beauty is a short-lived tyranny.

  • ARE you voting tomorrow?

Yes, we've decided to continue Tonight's Questions for the offseason. The decision, not unlike writing these questions, was a no-brainer.

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I am voting, then I'm going to Ben and Jerry's for my free scoop.

Does that work for early voting, Chief?

YES I plan on voting. And by the time I get through this goddamn ballot, I'll be as old as gramma voter here.

YES I am voting. I will do anything I can to keep Al Franken from representing me. He is a complete nut job plus he is as much of a Minnesotan as Hillary is a New Yorker.

The difference between Al Franken and John McCain is that Al Franken's gorilla-rape joke was funnier.

Al Franken is a comic genius. That being said, I prefer my politicians to be completely out of touch with comedy.

The Al Franken piece on Slate wasn't bad, as Slate goes.

Freetzy, apparently all you have to do is show up and tell them you voted. After the last election's fiasco they eliminated the literacy test.

I'd vote for Tom Davis over Al Franken. Don Novello, too, for that matter.

I am voting for Obama here in Massachusetts, or as I affectionately call it, Peeing In The Ocean.

Voting? What are you guys, 19? Get up to fucking speed and start not caring like all the cool kids. Here, have a smoke.

I am voting early tomorrow morning and I am not leaving the polling place until I get purple ink on my finger.

it warms my cold black heart we still get TQ.

Voting sometime tommorow. And leaving work to do it.

aw yes mT. Getting to leave work early IS the reason to vote!

If by some chance you are watching football tonight, come talk about it at KSK.

What if I'm watching Antiques Roadshow: Political Collectibles Edition?

Because I am.

Hey! In the time it takes you to vote, you could play three games of pool. Three! Now that's fresh.

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