Tonight's Questions

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sharkbaby.jpgHey kids, what are you gonna do, keep jumping from rock to rock until there aren't any rocks left?

  • WHO gives a shit how you met my mother? Seriously, get lost dude.

  • DO you agree with today's ROY choices? They were pretty much no-brainers.

  • WHICH players will Billy Beane send to the Rockies to consummate the Holliday trade? I hope not Walkoff Walk favorite Greg Smith!

  • WOULD this this look good in your game room?

See you tomorrow, Chuckleheads.

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No joke, that show's great.

No questions asked, I haven't watched CBS in a decade.

I met CTC's mother at karaoke.

I sang I'll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men.

That kid's gonna be a real pool shark one day.

On an unrelated note, Back to the Future Part II has a PG rating, yet consistently features words like "bitch," "bastard," and even "shit," on occasion.

No, I haven't worked in months.

I met Matt's mom when I was a busdriver in Atlanta. She gave me an HJ for free bus fare.

I guess that story's a little insulting to both of us.

Carlos Gonzales, Huston Street, and WoW favorite Mr. Smith are gone to CO.

Cargon has a little potential, Street eats a dick, and Smith has good potential.

However, the last time we had a RH power hitting Outfielder was in 2001, so I am stoked.

CTC, I thought that happened in the back of her Jaguar?

Next, Billy Beane will wow the crowd by signing Jason Giambi to a bonus-laden contract, taking him out to the local pub for a beer-laden night that will be consummated with a boner-laden trip to the local titty bar.

Giambi stopped getting boners after his 5th cycle.

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