Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I have painted myself into a corner.

  • WHEN am I going to start writing on a regular basis again? Soon. I promise. But it's tough being the Vegetable Man with the Vegetable Van.

  • WILL you finally try out for the Mexican National team now that Vinny Castilla is coaching?

  • HOW funny would it have been if Jim Edmonds had found this by landing on it?

  • ANYONE have $300 they can loan me?

See you tomorrow, you heroes of the mid-afternoon. Same WoW time, same WoW archetype.

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They know I got that broccoli
So I keep that glock on me

Oh good, Google is completely inaccessible from my office. This won't end badly.

Yikes! I'd buy that shirt just to burn it.

I'm back in black motherfucker, and now for my catchers.

I kinda like Iracane better, anyways.

Loan you 300 bucks?!
You better start selling some of the green stuff out the back of your veggie truck, dude.

I was gonna make a Hank Paulson/TARP joke here in reference to the shirt. But instead...boobs.

that shirtr is waresome fuck you and this site


serisoulsy io love yopu



mail nermal to abu dhabi.

Wow. I know one vegetable truck driver who is going to be hungover this morning.

Waresome comment, CTC. WALKOFGF WALK appreciates your contribution.

Hey Vegetable Man, what can I do with a broccoflower? It looks like an alien spore, and I'm mildly afraid to eat it without consulting Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones.

Should we be concerned?

Hey someone try and call my phone. I think it's in a Boston street.

"mail nermal to abu dhabi."

Best sentence on this site ever? Indeed.

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