Tonight's Questions

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baby-lobster.jpgHey kids, I'm going to jump you at recess.

  • WHAT do Ken Griffey Jr. and Fran Drescher have in common? They're both special US government envoys. Of course they are.

  • WHO will win the AL MVP tomorrow? Probably not either guy that we picked.

  • IS filling the 6 hour gap between my afternoon shift and my predawn shift with a Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos show a bad idea? I guess I'll find out sometime tomorrow.

Till then. Same WoW channel. You too, Lobster Baby.

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I will haunt you
like a ghost

I don't get too far into youtube videos these days. That damn Katy Perry "youtube live" ad has my scrambling for Katy Perry videos and, uh, solvents after about 30 seconds.

She's like Zooey Daschanel's bimbo twin. Best of both worlds!

Lloyd, that chick sucks. She was a christian singer up until a few years ago, but then realized you can't make money or be famous that way. So she changed her name and started acting like a whore. OHHH, YOU KISSED A GIRL? HOW RISQUE! What is this, 1997? Am I supposed to be shocked?

But yeah, she looks like Zooey with huge tits and I'd bang her.

Walkoff Walk favorite Julia Nunes is playing at that YouTube Live thing, whatever the frick that means.

That is all.

Fartie is right. Zooey actually cut a very good album. Katy Perry is the lamest-ass example of pandering I have ever seen. You want to dabble in lesbianism to get my dollars, Katy? Let's see some ass-to-ass.

I do have a minor ukelele girl crush, though. Who wants to go see her next time she plays NYC?

At no time did I advocate Katy Perry's musical existence. Shit is weak. God Only Knows, Julia Nunes. God Only Knows.

just put on the she & him record while the Katy Perry video is on mute. Best of both worlds

how about the she and him record playing with the last scene of "Requiem for a dream" on the tv and a picture of Katy's face superimposed over Jennifer Connelly's?

This is getting complicated, and it still doesn't involve ukelele girl.

I'm going to try and get to a Black Ships/Coliseum show tonight, as I'm yet to enter the fiddlin and pickin stage of my musical life.

/refusing to age gracefully

Ahem. The Browns are playing tonight. I guess we all forgot.

I want to make sure I have this right: Lloyd loves Katy Perry's music, and Chief loves Requiem because of his predilection towards black tar heroin.

I'm gonna go out and score some crank.

Anybody else psyched that they brought back the Zeppelin channel on XM? Almost makes up for Wolfmother breaking up.

/knows he isn't musically relevant

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