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Hey kids, into each life some rain must fall.

  • DO you care at all about how baseball players are affected by possible tax increases under the Obama regime? Me neither. It's about time Randy Johnson paid the same percentage of his income as he did during the Clinton Administration.

That's all for this week. See you on Monday, or sooner if some crazy shit goes down this weekend with Jake Peavy/Manny Ramirez/Matt Holliday.

(video stolen from the always excellent oobject curation website)

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Jamie Moyer loved playing during the Truman administration, when ballplayers were exempt from taxes under the "National Treasure" clause.

or sooner if some crazy shit goes down this weekend with Jake Peavy

You'll know if you see 14 comments in a row in all caps from me.

If we raise taxes on baseball players, they'll look for more lucrative work elsewhere!

Well, the trickle down would be fewer cocktails for the road beef.

The obnoxiously loud D&G shirt industry will be paralyzed!

Not at all post-worthy, but the Padres exercised their option on Brian Giles as per Paulie DePodest-ah. Mostly because the solar energy generated by Giles' tan helps power the clubhouse TV.

That video makes me feel like Otto when he discovers his name spelled backwards is Otto.

God damn it. White Russians make you feel like a worthless bastard the next day.

In other news, I partied with "Alex Mack" last night amongst other people at a wedding. We all got wasted.

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