Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, fear can build a bridge.

  • WHO was watching Graeme Lloyd?

  • IF I have to see Synecdoche, NY twice as some people are suggesting, shouldn't Charlie Kaufman have to pay for my second ticket?

  • SHOULD AJ Burnett sign the reported 4 year, $54M offer the Blue Jays have reportedly put on the table? I say, "As quickly as his creaky arm will let him."

That's it for today. Have a good weekend chaps and um... chapettes? Same WoW channel.

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It appears Mr. Burnett may not sign that offer from the Blue Jays.

Fuck you Rob. I have had the Nightcourt theme song in my head all day.

Yes, that. I have been whistling it since noon.

And I forgot how badly I want to nail Markie Post.

I loved Synechdoche New York. A lot. But it runs about 15-20 minutes too long. Can't even imagine sitting through it twice, and I don't know why you would need to.

Dayman gets all the hype, but I think Nightman would take him.

@ The Chief

I also loved it. What I didn't get was just semantics, just the je ne sais Kauffman of it all. The fact that he was able to elicit such emotion without pandering for a single second made it an incredible experience for me.

Also, I could watch Phillip Seymour Hoffman read the phone book.

The new Bond was good. A step below Casino Royale bit still very good.


Very much agree with your statement. I saw it at a screening with a Q & A with Charlie Kaufman and Philip Seymour Hoffman afterwards. First, Kaufman is perhaps the least comfortable seeming person I have ever seen. A woman asked him what the burning house "meant". He replied by asking her what it meant to her and went on to say that even he hasn't assigned a specific meaning to anything in the film. He has ideas but for him it was all about the audience bringing their own life experience to the film and filtering it's meaning through that. Ultimately it's not important what he was trying to express and guessing at his intent was the wrong way to watch the film, he wants us to take things for what we think they represent to us.

I was blown away by that answer.


I also really enjoyed Quantum of Solace. Interesting in that it's the first Bond film that was truly a sequel. It really moved well. Excellent action/fight sequences. I see a lot of films. A lot. It was one of the rare times I was engrossed enough to have the ending sneak up on me. I usually spend the third act thinking about how the story is going to wrap up, with this one I had my head completely in it when the climax came, and was satisfied with the coda addressing all the loose ends.

I thought this was suppossed to be a cooking blog?

Well then I feel like I watched it the right way, according to Charlie.

I only watch movies that are black and white in other languages. And subtitles are for rubes.

Braves end talks with Pads for Preavy

I find it very hard to believe that Charlie Kaufman is the least comfortable person around. Poppycock.

I haven't seen Synechdoche New York yet, but I did watch the Watchmen trailer 4 times yesterday. I feel like I'm breaking even, at worst.

Charlie Kaufman makes Woody Allen seem like Clark Gable in comparison.

I cannot wait for the Watchmen. That probably means I'll be disappointed, but still. So stoked.

the Watchmen looks fucking rad

Really. really glad Gilliam did not direct it.

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