Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, you put the Gin in Gingivitis.

Have a good weekend, friends. Same WoW channel.

(Corey Haim photo stolen from the LIFE Magazine archives at Google Images)

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Both kids see more pitches per AB than Juan Pierre.

Forget Clooney, which one of you is the Haimiest?

How much would that hat sell for at some douchebag store on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica?

My guess: CTC:Haim::Iracane:Feldman

You would think Corey could have done better than that. Where is a young Alyssa? If that's his sister I take it all back.


If you're out there I went cheese shopping today. Substituted Asiago for Parmesan and for the Cheddar I split half mild white Cheddar and half sharp yellow Cheddar. Let me know if I'm screwing up horribly, this is for the prospective in-laws. Bought some beautiful Buerre du Chimay French butter, it's a little "cakier" than Plugra, thought it would work better. You ever substitute cream for half-and-half or would that be going too far?

Chief, I am out there at all times. In fact, I just watched CTC masturbate.

The dish is pretty rich as is; the cream may be too intense. I would start with half/half and then try cream in the future if you still wanted to do so. The cheese substitutions sound delicious.


I think that Beurre du Chimay is actually made on a farm in heaven. May I suggest clarifying a little of the leftovers to put on your next roast beef sandwich. I had that once and still think about it like 3 times a day.


I see you behind that bookshelf.

Half and half it shall be then. What does it say about me that I usually have three or four different kinds of butter on hand? Oh yeah, that I'm fat.

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