Who Is Don Wakamatsu? No Seriously, Who Is He?

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The job fair that is the 2008 Mariners postseason rolled on yesterday. One month after hiring a new GM, they've announced Don "Waka" Wakamatsu as their new manager. Of course! Don Wakamatsu. What a no brainer. Let's look at his resume.

  • 5 minor league seasons as a catcher before a sip of coffee with the White Sox.
  • 4 seasons as a Minor League manager.
  • 5 years as bench coach with the Rangers. Apparently people are enthused about his working with Buck Showalter. Screw Buck Showalter.
  • Bench Coach with the A's last season.
  • He made Joey Cora cry.

The cynical take is that the Mariners are just trying to regain their position as Japan's team, but Wakamatsu is a third generation American making him as Japanese as I am Greek. He's familiar with all the teams in the division as something of an "AL West guy" and according to Geoff Baker the choice was all Zduriencik's choice. It makes some sense. In any respect, it's important to have our first Asian MLB manager.

So let's all give a big Walkoff Walk hello to Don "Waka" Wakamatsu the Asian baseball team managing Barack Obama.

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I'll miss his work at Benihana.

Read all of my opinions on the hiring at wakoffwakamatsu.com.

according to Geoff Baker the choice was all Zduriencik's choice

But who's choice was it?


Don't look at me for any background. The only A's non-head coach I have ever cared about is Ron Washington and his dirty underwear.

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