Brian Giles: Alleged Scum Of Earth; Still Overly Tan

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Rather disturbing news out of San Diego today. No, it's not a ptomaine outbreak at Rubio's. As mentioned in today's Dutch Oven, kind of good orangey hitter Brian Giles is batting 1.000 with his formerly pregnant ex-girlfriend. She's claiming a $10M stake in the proceedings, and that the reason she's "formerly pregnant" is Giles' fault. That's horrible as all get out. The gory details:

Padres outfielder Brian Giles is being sued for more than $10 million by a former girlfriend who alleges he battered her while she was pregnant and caused her to suffer a miscarriage.

Plaintiff Cheri Olvera alleges in her complaint that she and Giles lived together since 2002 and became engaged around December 2005. However, the marriage never took place due to Giles' violence toward her, the suit states.

She alleges that the two reached an agreement that if their relationship ended by death, separation or otherwise, that all of Giles' property would be divided for her benefit. But in April 2008, she states Giles breached the agreement. She stated Giles failed to secure her financially according to the standard of living they shared and failed to divide his assets.

The suit, filed in San Diego Superior Court, states the abuse began in 2002. It accuses Giles of "hitting and slapping plaintiff in the face; pushing plaintiff; shaking plaintiff; kicking plaintiff; hitting plaintiff in the chest; knocking plaintiff to the floor, battering plaintiff twice when she was pregnant with the parties' child, causing plaintiff to suffer a miscarriage."

Jesus. If there's truth in that I glean two truths from that. A: She should have gotten that agreement in writing, and 2: Brian Giles uses his roid powers for evil.

We're coming up on our first birthday here at WoW and spending that much time covering athletes unfortunately means you're going to handle your fair share of domestic abuse stuff. The difference between now and the old days is that back then it was much less likely to become public. Just ask Marilyn Monroe. But there's a direct correlation to the amount of these stories you hear and the outrage that's mustered.

Back in April, Sassy Senior Jorge Cantu had some pretty serious accusations leveled at him, that were kept quiet while he was having a "comeback season." It also helped that the charges were dismissed. One has more trouble imagining this Giles story being forgotten so easily with the whole matter of the miscarriage.

In any case, we here at WoW do our part to keep the spotlight on alleged wifebeaters... sometimes even after they're acquitted. That Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch didn't name itself. So remember you are handsy rage freaks of MLB: WE'RE WATCHING.

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Just ask Marilyn Monroe.

Trust me, I keep trying and still no response. HELLO IN THERE!

Wouldn't it just have been cheaper to pay for the abortion.

I wonder why she stuck it out and got engaged in 2005 even though the abuse began in 2002?

Fartie, just like his baseball, he kept promising he'd get better.

Why would Giles agree to give her half of his stuff if they weren't married? Isn't that the point of not being married? So you don't have to give up half of your stuff? Don't tell me that TanMan has some sort of existential view on the meaning of marriage and blah blah blah. I ain't buying.

The devil on his shoulder told him to do it.

I am sorry, I just looked back at the post from July and I made the same bad joke.

Giles was worth 3.7 wins over replacement asshole last year.

He was just mad at the baby because it was causing stretch marks on his girl friend and ruining her perfect tan.

"In 2008, Giles, in the third and final guaranteed year of his contract with the Padres, vetoed a potential trade to Boston[1], citing a desire to remain close to his family[2]."

I'll say!

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