Brian Giles Alleged Wifebeating Allegedly Caught on Alleged Tape

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NBC San Diego is reporting that the alleged Brian Giles lady abuse was caught on surveillance tape. The tape was shot in an Arizona bar back in 2006 and released to the press yesterday; it could possibly earn Giles' ex a $10 million prize on America's Punchiest Home Videos:

According to a Phoenix police report, a man seen in the tape walking toward the bar is Giles, a Padres outfielder. The man is seen talking to a woman who's sitting down at the bar.At one point, it appears he pulls the woman's hair. Moments later, the two are seen walking out into the hallway.

A few seconds pass, then the woman can be seen falling to the ground.

Several witnesses told police that they watched Giles slap the woman in the head, knocking her to the ground. In the surveillance video, one of the witnesses can be seen mimicking a slap to another bar patron.

Here's the video:


We owe many, many Cokes to the good folks at Gaslamp Ball. They are always at the forefront of breaking Padre news.

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If it wasn't such a serious issue the imitation of the bloke in the bar would be hilarious.

What is this, Brian Giles day?

What a bastard. You don't hit women. Unless they change the channel when cartoons are on.

Yes, today is Brian Giles Day. I hope your company gave you the day off.

Marcus Giles Day is a half day of work.

Brian Giles used to date Cheri Oteri?

Seriously, though, that video is messed up.

That shit is totally messed up. I hope he goes to jail. Or gets traded to Pittsburgh.

B. GILES: Do you want to hear about my abuse, or do you want to watch me hit some dingers? [Tosses ball in the air, hits ball to warning track.]

CTC, not Pittsburgh: Dallas Cowboys.

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