Jerry Manuel To Institute Closer Platoon: This Is A Very Bad Idea

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mrmet.jpgSo Frankie Rodriguez was introduced with the Mets yesterday. The only thing dumber than the construction had they made him wear was Jerry Manuel's declaration that he intends to platoon K-Rod and JJ Putz at closer. Ugh.

Manuel said the division of the closer role will probably be along the lines of 70-30 in favor of Rodriguez, but the fact Putz will be in line to get more than a handful of chances is surprising.

"I do think that if we are to be where we expect to be, we'll have to have more than one guy save games," Manuel said after K-Rod's introductory news conference in Long Island City yesterday.

"With what [GM Omar Minaya] has provided for us, it gives us that opportunity to not miss a step, so if we have three or four in a row [where] we needed one guy, we feel very confident that we could use the other guy in that same particular role because he's had success in that role.

Yeah, Jerry. If you plan on going 162-0 next year you're definitely going to need two closers. But if you're like, oh, pretty much every other ballclub in history you're not going to have so many save opportunities that you need two closers. Rodriguez has proved a bit of a primadonna over the course of his quest for the save record and concurrent contract issues. If you think that a guy that cared that much about much the save record isn't going to care about how many chances he gets, then you're nuts.

Is it a bad baseball move? Probably not. The freshest arm in the best matchup is always statistically preferable. But, that's not the issue. The Mets just paid $37M for Rodriguez and made it their big offseason backpage move. He belives it, Minaya believes it, and the fans believe it. Manuel is opening himself up for a beatdown with Putz's first blown save.

This was all done before yesterday's team Christmas party which gives me a chance to post this picture of Mike Cameron. Ho ho ho!

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The Mets' next moves should absolutely be to sign Trevor Hoffman, trade for Franciso Cordero, give Billy Wagner an elbow transplant, and resurrect Donnie Moore. SUPER MECHA VOLTRON CLOSER, HO!

Not even the New York Times can resist running a picture of Anna Benson's tits. OLD GRAY LADY LUMPS, AMIRITE?

This is kind of like setting your kitchen on fire, then talking about how you just bought a Range Rover and a Benz, and how you'll drive the Range 2 days a week, probably.

So great, you're not taking the bus anymore. But your kitchen is still burning.


Mike Cameron used to actually know if you've been bad or good, but he forgot all of it when he collided with Carlos Beltran.

Minaya just doesn't want to see that fruity point to the sky nonsense every game

So he is going to make the already small role of a closer smaller

As a Phillies fan, I object to comparisons of the Mets to Transformers. They are clearly on the wrong side of history and are therefore Autobots.

I believe you mean Gobots, which were unfailry pushed aside considering they came out before Transformers.

And sidenote: giving Anna Benson a proper Roman War Helmet would require a 42-inch penis.

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