Massive Methusalah Move: Phillies Bring Back Jamie Moyer

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Enrico of the 700 Level tells me that WIP radio in Philadelphia is reporting that the World Champion Phillies have agreed to some sort of deal to bring aged starter Jamie Moyer back for at least one more season. Details are pending. My reaction, however, is immediate: good for him.

UPDATE: It's a two-year deal.

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UPDATE: It's a two-year or until death deal, which ever comes first; most likely his death.

In similar news, the Phillies have raised Chan Ho Park from the dead.

Chan Ho Park + 369 power alley = instant hilarity

little known fact: Moyers' middle name is Methusalah.*

*may not be true

I am skeptical as to whether or not 42-year old lightning will keep in the bottle long enough to be good next year.

I had a lovely 34-year old lightning once, but we forgot to refrigerate it and it went bad in a week.

An aged lightning is a perfect compliment to a hearty filet or other rich meats.

Someone uncorked their lightning at the bar last night, and we had to move to another table it was so potent.

I wonder if Rich Dubee ever feels insecure about having another pitching coach on the staff.

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