Rinku And Dinesh News To Last You Through The Holidays

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Oh the weather outside is frightful (unless you've temporarily relocated to South Florida like me), but The Million Dollar Arm (Sound the alarm!) is still delightful. Yesterday those vulturous bastards at ESPN ran their OTL episode about our boys Rinku and Dinesh. It contains stellar wordplay like "baseball was a FOREIGN concept" and "a learning curve as steep as Mt. Everest." In any case it's valuable just for a chance to watch the guys the throw and see the zip on their fastball. Also, to see them look at Mark Schwarz like he's nuts. Please to enjoy, below.

In other news, the guys signed a merchandising deal with Under Armour which is both cool and apropos since the company spells "Armour" like a bunch of colonial brits.

And finally, after my 40+ hours on the bus I arrived here weary, but was quickly perked up by what I found in my inbox. It was a Holiday Card from JB and the gang at 7FM. Since the text thanks everyone that had a hand in helping them have a great year, I thought it was only fair to share it with all of you.


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Dinesh in that picture reminds me of Kevin Appier. This may not be a good thing.

Seven Figures Management? Mark Teixeira bristles at the idea of anything less than nine figures.

That video needs more culturally insensitive imagery.

Why were subtitles needed? Are Americans stupid/deaf?

don't forget Ganesha!

Anyone else notice that the USC bullpen is named after Mark Prior?

Apparently the mound dirt in there is too soft because Dusty Baker works it too much.

I like how Brian Wilson taught Indians how to throw a fastball on what appears to be a camera phone while wearing his Affliction clothing.

The Mark Prior Bullpen was built on top of an ancient Sioux burial ground, so you can bury your dead elbow ligaments under the pitchers mound and it will regenerate into an evil elbow ligament.

I love how Schwarz makes Rinku and Dinesh seem like savages plucked from the jungles of south asia. All the reports i seen say that Dinesh is from Varanasi, a 'village' of about 4 million people and they are the only Indians to have ever heard of baseball. Its almost like Mark thinks JB sir owns the only two non-hispanic brown people in the world who know baseball.

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