The Dutch Oven: Fully Capable of Immobilizing Home Invaders If Wielded Properly

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Why the dutch oven? Because the term 'hot stove' needs to be retired. This feature will attempt to give you a listicle-driven source for all sorts of off-season baseball rumors. If you have any suggestions, rumors, or recipes that I can cook in my dutch oven, email us

  • Third Team's The Charm: Being the third team in the Jake Peavy sweepstakes is the new black. First, the Orioles were said to be the third team that was going to send prospects to the Cubs so Chicago could snag Peavy. Then it was the Rays. Now it seems to be the Phillies, who are actually interested in obtaining Jason Marquis. What, because Joe Blanton doesn't give up enough tater tots in that teeny park?

  • Prepare Eighty Yards of Dodger Blue Fabric: CC Sabathia Wants L.A.: So says Dodgers G.M. Ned Colletti who claims to have bumped into Sabathia at the Bellagio Hotel during the start of the Winter Meetings yesterday. Hate to break it to you, Ned, but the man you bumped into is actually Reba McEntire's bodyguard Leroy.

  • Tigers Continue to Upgrade Infield With League Average Talent: One way for Dave Dombrowski to improve on poor output by his Tigers team: bring in mediocre players! See, because mediocre players are better than bad players. As long as his stars like Magglio Ordonez or Miguel Cabrera don't regress too badly, they can make up for the presence of such merely satisfactory players such as new Detroit shortstop Adam Everett.

  • K-Rod Set To Make a Lot of Money in Not a Lot of Time: Folks seem to want the security blanket that is a long-term deal but teams aren't so quick to dole them out lately. The Mets and Frankie Rodriguez are on the verge of agreeing on a $37 million deal that lasts but three years. Three years? That's barely long enough to break the hearts of Mets fans.

  • Even the Foreign Talent is Getting Lowballed: The Orioles would like to bring Japanese pitchers Kenshin Kawakami and Koji Uehara over to Balty-more to play some AL East-style baseball, but have allegedly offered just $10 million over two years. Angelos, these aren't like the Guatemalans who mow your lawn; you actually have to pay these two fair wages.

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I'm enjoying watching the Yankee organization humiliate themselves in their attempts to land CC.

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