The Dutch Oven: Useless When Empty

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Why the dutch oven? Because the term 'hot stove' needs to be retired. This feature will attempt to give you a listicle-driven source for all sorts of off-season baseball rumors. If you have any suggestions, rumors, or recipes that I can cook in my dutch oven, email us

  • Fookie Comes Home: Did you know that Rafael Furcal's nickname is "Fookie"? Neither did I, but that's what Wikipedia told me. Anyway, Fox Sports' own gnome reporter Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Furcal is headed back to the Braves for a three-year deal, one year less than the deal offered by the A's. Furcal could play short, freeing up Yunel Escobar to be traded. Hey, let's open up that whole Jake Peavy rumor mill again! Whee!

Nothing else happened yesterday, so instead, please enjoy this video of Rinku Singh showing his fans around his bedroom:

Thanks, Rinku!

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I don't know if you can call it a nickname if the only person who calls him that is Bobby Cox.

How can you call the Tigers finalizing a 1-year deal with baseball savior Adam Everett "nothing" and sleep at night? No, really, is it Lunesta or something? A sleep number bed? Honestly, guys, I'm parched for shut-eye here.

Grady Sizemore is doing some offseason conditioning work:

Cribs: Yatra edition

Who needs Furcal when you have Bobbo Crosby?

This seems to be yet another advantage of the term 'dutch oven' - conceivably, you could leave the dutch oven on for a day while rumors slow-cook. The hot stove would just seem like a waste today.

Comment of the Fortnight, rarebit. Thanks!


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