The Dutch Oven: What You Need When You Want Good Stuff

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Why the dutch oven? Because the term 'hot stove' needs to be retired. This feature will attempt to give you a listicle-driven source for all sorts of off-season baseball rumors. If you have any suggestions, rumors, or recipes that I can cook in my dutch oven, email us

  • Orioles Drop Out of Mark Teixeira Sweepstakes, Still Alive in Maryland Pick 3: A source tells ESPN that the Orioles are no longer pursuing free agent first baseman Mark Teixeira, leaving the Red Sox, Angels, and Nationals as (probably) the only three teams after the slugger. The Yankees have already decided that it would be a bad investment and have thrown their scraps to the rest of the league.

  • Furcal Chooses Dodgers Over Braves, Kitty Cats over Puppy Dogs: Free agent shortstop Rafael Furcal spurned a 4-year $40 million offer from the A's and a 3-year $30 million offer from the Braves in order to sign a 3-year $30 million offer from the Dodgers. Got it? I don't. Nobody knows why he dumped his gentleman's agreement with Atlanta to choose L.A., unless he's looking to make it big in Hollywood and planning to audition for Judd Apatow's next bro-dude comedy.

  • Melky Cabrera/Mike Cameron Trade Off the Veritable Table: Seriously, this deal was sitting on tables in both Milwaukee and the Bronx and now, it's been relocated to the waste-paper-basket. The Brewers probably put the kibosh on this deal when Brian Cashman aggressively tried to include Kei Igawa in the deal. I don't blame Doug Melvin for walking away; that guy sucks.

  • Fangraphs Profiles Our Pal Kyle Blanks: Remember Walkoff Walk's favorite afro'ed prospect Kyle Blanks? No? Well he's a big ol' first baseman in the Padres farm system and he's all bat with very little glove. Marc Hulet over at Fangraphs wonders what plans the Pads have in place for Blanks; with All-Star Adrian Gonzalez blocking the way in the big leagues, it'll be a tough row to hoe for Mr. Blanks. UNLESS HE GETS TRADED WITH PEAVY TO THE YANKEES. HINT HINT.

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Eat shit and die, Rob.

I don't care if he fields like Michael Bay directs movies: PUT HIM IN A CORNER OUTFIELD SPOT AND LET THE FUCKER HIT.

I don't care if he fields like Michael Bay directs movies

With unnecessary explosions and sappy romantic secondary storylines? What a strange way to play defense!

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