The Hot Knives Report: Jake Peavy

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The libelous and conjecture-filled offseason is in full swing caught in a collusive morass and the Dutch Ovens are steaming! From every good Hot Stove comes a delicious Hot Knife, guaranteed to make your thinking hazy and unclear. There is a chance that Hot Knives will mess you up like a bad accident.

We here at Walkoff Walk will pack the hole in our crystal ball with some gum and electrical tape and look beyond the Hot Stove. The Hot Knives Report will evaluate the on- and off-field impact of trades and signings (both real and conjured) to teams too busy with their new toys to worry about the cost.

Today: the much ballyhooed Jake Peavy. The Dutch Ovens have been lousy with Jake Peavy rumours all winter long. Many deals have seemed to be sure things, only to fall through. Is Jake Peavy going to move? What possible destinations remain?Will this legit ace with a below-market contract change teams?

The early favorite to acquire Peavy's services was Atlanta. They went back and forth, Kevin Towers dropped little breadcrumbs from time to time, but nothing ever materialized. The Braves decided that they were moving on and made a move for Javier Vasquez, a player unlike Peavy in every way. They paid a mighty price to acquire the notorious heartbreaker. With stories now circulating that the Braves will offer A.J. Burnett the five year contract he desperately wants, they're clearly out of the Jake Peavy business. I guess the "pull your hair out with frustration" business is more lucrative.

The Chicago Cubs have emerged as new hope for a Peavy deal. They have the cash to make it happen as well as some good (?) young pieces like Sean Marshall, Felix Pie and Ronny Cedano. Let's not forget their plethora of overrated young pieces like Mike Fontenot and The Riot. This trade may just dissolve under the microscope, with reports detailing that all the talk is being generating in San Diego to a possible third team helping to grease the wheels.

Deals as big as this one are always slow to develop and this one is no different. There are too many factors working against the Padres to allow them to pull the trigger. Peavy's no trade clause removes a substantial amount of the Friars' leverage, the lack of free agent movement has everyone hurrying to wait. The Padres simply won't get the boatload of prospects every team/writer seems to think a #1 stud will yield. Johan Santana was traded, essentially, for Carlos Gomez; an excellent centerfielder that will never be confused with one of the best pitchers in baseball.

So will Peavy move? There's only one place left for him to go. If the Cubs do land the former Cy Young winner, watch out. 2009 could be the year Chet and the Zebrahs finally get their wish: mass ritualistic suicide. They'll find a way to screw up a Peavy, Zambrano, Harden, Lilly, Dempster rotation. Here's lookin at you Samardjakiaksljdfjjazzi!

Colas once again to the delightfully overworked MLB Traderumors

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Kevin Towers is an idiot, and I hope he gets stuck with Peavy. There would have been a deal done with the Pads but he kept coming back and asking for more, but the Braves had the best pacakge, so they refused to add more for the deal.

It's a shame, but keeping Escobar may end up being a better deal for Atlanta if they can sign Burnett

The days of Livan Hernandez for Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore and some 1999 Google stock are over. It's hard for ownership to understand that I think.

I'd rather eat my own waste than settle for A.J. Burnett when I knew how close Jake Peavy was. No offense, Matt. Or A.J.'s mom.

I'm not saying I'd rather have Burnett. That's stupid, but if they traded Escobar as part of the Peavy package, they then have to get someone to play short.

It is a tough pill to swallow to know how close it was, but in the long run it could be the better move.

Bullshit, I'm just trying to talk myself into it

Considering what they paid to get Vasquez, how much higher could the price for Peavy really be?

I saw Jake Peavy pitch in San Diego in 2003. His he had the most "live" fastball I've ever seen in person.

I should have come back and told the Red Sox, but I was still mad at them from that time Dennis Lamp yelled at me when I was 6 after I asked for an autograph.

The toughest pill of all to swallow is one's own waste.

I of course meant Bartolo Colon, not Livan. The other fat Latin guy.

What kind of hookers you going to, Iracane?

I don't think they gave up that much for Vasquez. Flowers was a good prospect, but he was going to be traded sooner or later anyways with McCann there. Lilbridge is all glove and no stick (that's what she said)

None of the players involved in the Vasquez trade were in the Peavy proposals.

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