Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I can't sleep.

  • Is a bird in the hand better than one in an unopened 1977 Topps wax pack?

  • IS Jim Rice finally going to sneak into the HoF, on this, his final ballot appearance? I think he should, but doubt he will. The older I get the more I realize the arbitrary nature of the Hall and the less the inductions actually mean. Still an amazing place to visit, though.

  • WHO will get more HoF votes: Greg Vaughn or Mo Vaughn? I thought Greg Vaughn was still playing.

  • WHAT do you think of the girl suing her high school to play on the baseball team? I think she could probably go yard on every single one of our readers so take it easy on the "get in the kitchen" jokes.

  • IS Del Taco the new In-N-Out?

  • DID you know Roy Acuff played baseball? Did you know that Roy Acuff is an anagram for Cay Of Fur, which is what I'm naming my new private island? Did you know I'm losing my mind?

Sit on it. Same WoW channel.

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So I just got back from California and would like to happily report that all of the In-N-Out rumors are wildly accurate. I am ordering everything animal style from now on. When I get my oil changed, I expect there to be Thousand Island in the filter.

So what did I miss over the last 2 weeks? Nothing? Oh.

When I was a kid there was a girl who played little league with me. She was fucking awesome. I think she gave it up to play hockey, though.

Walkoff Walk, where your nightly fast facts come from the website TNHISTORYFORKIDS.ORG.

If the girl is good enough to make the team, then why in the world would anyone actually want to keep her from playing? If she's not good enough, then the problem takes care of itself.

Oh, and thanks for the super creepy clown art, CTC--now, none of us will sleep.

I love the sad clown

Sad clown is perfect for today. Just got laid off.

Guess it's one of those "smiling on the inside" kinda clowns.

Condolences, phillas. I'm currently a gentleman of leisure as well. If you're in nyc and want to get wasted in the afternoon let me know.

Sorry to hear that, Phillas.

Sorry Phillas. I'll pour out the first ounce of my canned soup tonight in honor of your fallen job.


Yeah, shouldn't you mail the soup to him instead?

Sorry about that, Phillas.

Condolences, phillas. Over the last 10 years, I have heard people freak out about the economy on random occasions, only for things to be ok after a month. This is the first time shit has gotten real; I know two other friends in your shoes.

In lighter news, I want to sex up both In N Out and Del Taco. Honeynut, did you get your fries animal style in addition to the burger?

Thanks everyone. And Fartie, tell your friends to give me my shoes back plz.
I'm not too freaked out. I got some cushion so I'm not ready to sell plasma yet.

The economy would be a perfect excuse to fire Darren except we don't even pay that slob.


Please accept my condolences on your job in the form of this poem:

My sink is broken so come on
if you want to swing by for
awhile, I got time and plenty
of water for us to drink, you
know, if you want it, and all.

Hope that helps.

phillas, it took me 10 minutes to figure out that joke. Awesome.

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