Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, it landed with a sickening thud.

  • WHO said this during a contract holdout with Oakland in the early 90s: "If they want to pay me like Mike Gallego, I'll play like Gallego." Of coursew it was Rickey Henderson. Of course Gallego was his teammate. Read more good Rickey quotes here.

  • DOES anyone else think that Derek Bell was set up by Glenn Davis? Well you're wrong, he was.

  • WHAT is a better use for a defunct baseball stadium: A parking lot or a place for elephants to do it?
That's all for today. Eat my beard squeezins. Same WoW Channel.

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Rickey's first draft for his "Broke Lou Brock's Record" speech included him taking a dump on Lou's shoes.

I fully expect Rickey to join a team before the HOF ceremony, delaying his induction another five years.

If he doesn't, I hope the San Diego Surf Dogs give him the day off.

Chief Wahoo will now refer to himself in the third person until Rickey is in the hall. He will also be consistently average over long periods of time until Mussina gets in. The Chief has spoken.

The Chief is all up in Iracane's grill with the consistent Mussina-smack. Rob, your move.

In other news, I will consistently inject steroids until Canseco gets in.

I believe there was still a little cocaine in Derek Bell's goatee at the time of this mugshot.

Employ the elephants to do the demo work.
Build a parking garage and house the elephants in one corner.
Keep the baseball field and use the elephant dung as fertilzer. Or as bases.
Funding provided by the Derek Bell drug cartel.

Rob Iracane will resume doing the NYT crossword every single day until Mussina gets his due and Chief Wahoo gets over the fact that his team's only consistently great pitcher in the last 25 years is becoming a Yankee this offseason.

Jose Mesa is going to the Yankees?!?

Until Murph gets into the HOF I'm going to become mormon.

Dammit, I'm going to miss soda.

And cursing. Fiddlesticks

Pfffft, The Chief already thinks of CC as a Brewer.

Okay, fine, it hurts.

Javier Vasquez is going to be a Brave.

I blame Kevin Towers for this.


Yesterday you asked if I ordered the In-N-Ou fries animal style. Yes, yes I did. I don't know why someone didn't come up with it sooner. Or why they aren't any further West than Arizona.

Your prayers have been answered, Honeynut. I JUST found out that In N Out now has locations west of Arizona!!!

I had to read both your comment and mine a few times before I figured out what the hell you meant. Sorry, my brain has been stewing in Thousand Island for too long, I guess.

There's no "good" regional fast food in New England. The closest we have is Friendly's and that's a place you bring your grandma not your stoner roommates.

In N Out is a place for stoned grandmas and roommates.


ahem...White Castle...ahem.

We don't have White Castle in my New England. Those things aren't north of the Tri-State area and southern CT is dead to me.

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