Tonight's Questions

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December 4th Flyer-small.jpg

Hey kids, go ramble.

  • DOES someone have a lint brush for Tim Lincecum?


  • HOW many times will I watch this today and guffaw? (NSFW. Turn your volume down, officefolk.)

  • CAN you read that flyer up there? That's for a poetry reading that I am lucky enough to be part of tomorrow night in Brooklyn. If you can't read the fine print, show starts here at 8 O'clock. That name Jeff Laughlin? You may know him better as Business Or Leisure, blogger, poet and WoWie. If you live in NYC and want to come out, well we'd love to see you.

So long, sports fans. Same WoW channel.

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Is your poem about chorizo? You can't go wrong.

How late does the reading go? I have a screening of "The Wrestler" at 7:30. You guys still reading at 10-10:30?

I want to see that movie so badly.

I think the reading will be over by that time, but I'm assuming an afterparty will be in full swing. Email me.

Wahoo-- nah. It'll be over by nineish.

GF-- I got one about tacos that'll break your face off. NO SHIT.

Will do. Not only seeing the movie, Q & A with Mickey Rourke and Darren Aronofsky after. Think Aronofsky will be confused when I ask him about his duties as a WoW intern?

That Golden Girls video made me think of the GI Joe PSAs. Hotdamn I love those.

That salty dough blog sucks salty dough balls.

Not as confused as Mickey Rourke would be when asked why he passed on so many unreal movies in the 80s and 90s. Beverly Hills Cop? 48 Hours? The Untouchables? Silence of the Lambs?

Butch in Pulp Fiction? Christ, Mickey.

Sorry I can't make the reading. Will there be video?

Nobody ever came to my event where I performed a one-man reading of an entire season's worth of TV show "Small Wonder" episodes.

Because you were performing under the name Lyle Colonoscopy.

Not to mention, Iracane, you didn't self-promote with a sweet tag like "Business or Leisure." Problematic.

Here's a preview of one of my joints form tomorrow:

Felix Jose
Will you come out and play
Don't say nay
Felix Jose

My fingers snap in approval of your freaky beatnik activities.

This definitely calls for a beret and a turtleneck.

You both sound like my dad. He called me Maynard G. Krebs the first time I ever did a reading.

Would you prefer Little Buddy?

Here's one for you:

Michael Stipe
Despite the Hype
I still want to suck
On your big long pipe

Feel free to use that

Thanks, Gibby.

Dusty, your lack of regard for getting on base
is on its face
a disgraceful
misplaced toothpick
in the lower jaw of ignorance.

I'll take any royalties in WalkOffWalk t-shirts.

Holy crap, CTC, I can't believe you knew that one. Impressive.

There once was a rapping tomato
That's right, I said 'rapping tomato'
He rapped every day
From April to May
And also, guess what? It was me.

Walkoffwalk: one lesbian away from Dobie v2.0


Am I the only one that's been chanting?

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