Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, Darius McCrary.

  • WHAT the hell is this guy talking about in the first two paragraphs of this column? If baseball is so boring to you dude, then go cover some city council meets and get lost. And also, don't speak for me. I'm not disillusioned. I'm so illusioned I'm like David Goddamned Copperfield.

  • WOULD Ron Gant make the HoF if Matt_T hadn't been kicked out of the selection committee for sleeping with Branch Rickey's widow?

  • IS this the vaguest headline ever?

  • DID the Reds make the right move by re-signing Mike Lincoln?

  • IS anyone ever going to do anything interesting this offseason so I can stop talking about people like Mike Lincoln?

Tomorrow is a half day here so bring a book or something to read. Haha. Just kidding. Read Big League Stew instead. Same WoW channel.

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Don't forget CTC's poetry slam tonight in Brooklyn, featuring Business and/or Leisure.

My body means business but my face says leisure.

And my poetry says SHUT UP AND LISTEN.

Is that Kona coffee? I won't put up with that freeze-dried taster's choice shit.

I sometimes feel like I'm the only person who does not currently live and/or hang out in Brooklyn. Good luck with the slam, fellers.

She came on to me!

ARE you going to fall for our trap and see CTC and I show off our failed sensibilities within the contours of the English Language?

WHAT did that last question just mean?

HOW am I going to fare in front of a crowd?

Outpost Lounge, suckas.

hey GF, I know whatcha mean. Being out here on the left coast when the happenin's all going down in NYC.
Good luck CTC and/or BoL.

Just remember, BoL, if you have a problem just hold a textbook in front of your pants.

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