Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, you can't keep them down on the farm.

  • WHAT are the ramifications of Gerald Laird being sent to the Tigers? Well there's this baseball team in Boston that was really hoping to score one head of the Rangers' catching Hydra. Not to mention the fact that the Tigers had been total teases by expressing interest in both Julio Lugo and Jason Varitek this offseason. They've now filled both their C and SS positions and the Red Sox still have to deal with those two lumps. It lowers Tek's value, but still means they have to make a difficult decision on him.

  • WHAT kind of trouble will the Griffins, Bakers, and Fays of the world be getting into this week at the Bellagio? Petey Abraham gonna get the Rain Man suite! And completely soak the bed with sweat! Join me tomorrow for a full roundup on what these dudes are up to. They're our first link to news, and they're just like us. Only a little older and more enthralled with that sinking boat light show thing at Treasure Island.

  • ARE you excited that Baseball Digest, is finally hitting the internet? I read this thing loyally as a kid, but had hardly even noticed they weren't on the web. They have some catching up to do, and I'm interested to see how it works out. Heady times over there. I've even heard some of the editors are beginning to say "Holla."

  • HOW much worse would this have been if it happened in Tim Kurkjian's bathroom? Dude is hung like the Abominable Snowman. Makes you feel bad about yourself.
That's all for today. Thanks again to all of you for sticking with us through this frigid ice queen of an offseason. And since I saw him mention it in the comments the other day, Congrats to Lloyd and his clan on the addition of his new daughter. That officially makes one out of three of us kind of somewhat like an adult.

Same WoW Channel.

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Hey I can't wait to hear more false rumors from all these jerkoff agents and I can't wait to hear more false denials from all these jerkoff GMs and I can't wait to hear more hollering from sportswriters telling us not to believe rumors and to trust the GMs because they never lie.

Basically, I never want to go to the Winter Meetings ever ever ever (not that I'd ever be invited).

The tigers went subtraction by addition with their new SS. He is a no bat, no arm, half glove SS.

Did Carlos Guillen get too fat to play SS or something?

But at least they didn't trade something of value for Lugo or Jack Wilson. It's now the Ramon Santiago era.

I just wanna know the status of In and Out in Las Vegas.

I think Carlos Guillen must have fingered Leyland's wife or something.

Or maybe that was me.


There's an in-and-out right on the strip.

In on out on the strip? You mean there is more than just Del Taco to eat? I don't see the point.

You obviously have not had a double-double animal style with animal style fries.


Someone buy me a plane ticket.

I'm going Las Vegas next week! I'll go to In and Out as long as the handfuls of M&M's I scarf down don't put me into a diabetic shock.

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